Frank Cheh documents life in a uniquely different dimension--naturally beautiful and filled with unique and fascinating images. He is known for seeing life differently than others, as he believes many walk through life at the 10,000 foot level noticing everything but not really seeing anything. His vision assumes that many have “tuned out, not in” due to the multimedia stimulating advances of our contemporary high tech utopia. At the end of the day what is important to him is what we really see, what we really touched, what sweet scent did we get lost in, who have we really talked to, who have we helped, who have we loved.
In his world of photography he strives to get back to the pure and simple concept of “let the image tell the story”: the place in time, the effect of light, the raw subject, the moment in time should be the essence of the image.
Thus the journey of Yellow Line Road Art when, on a cool crisp autumn afternoon walk, suddenly his daughters and he noticed the stenciled impression of a leaf in the freshly painted yellow line running down the middle of road. From the very first simple image of the yellow line they saw the faint outline of some mystical cave like drawing: the deep rich texture of the contrasting color and the star like particles from another world. As they continued the journey he photographed images with remarkable elements of nature embedded in them, remnants of small stems, leaves like fossilized amber in a transition of nature and man. Others of this series free your imagination to run wild and see things unique to your own individual interpretation.
This series was a personal and spiritual journey in which the art he saw and created provides a link to the real, the personal and the emotional through objects that we might never otherwise notice. It records a memorable moment in time and experience which his photographs share with each of us.